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Essentials of Marketing and Strategy

Course Details

In this course, you will develop an understanding of fundamental marketing and strategy frameworks and methodologies.

Through short case studies covering a diverse range of businesses, you will enhance your ability to analyze, solve problems, and make decisions about marketing and strategy from the perspective of top management.

Upon completing the course, you will be able to understand:

  • The role of strategy and marketing in corporate management
  • Processes for formulating a competitive business strategy from the perspective of top management
  • Basic marketing concepts and how they can be applied to achieve strategic goals
  • Frameworks and analytical methods through practical application to short cases
  • How to think about theories and the qualitative aspects of corporate management


The course will be delivered Online for Sessions 1/3/4/5/ and hybrid (simultaneous on- site at Silom and online) for Session 2/6 if the COVID-19 situation in Bangkok allows. For the hybrid sessions, the choice whether to join on-site or online is yours.

3 Months (18 Hours)

Suitable for busy professionals with 3-hour sessions held every other week

Hybrid Teaching

Flexible for today's lifestyle, choose to join on-site in Bangkok or online

Course Fee

37,850 THB (Excluding VAT), scholarships are available for self-sponsored participants


Participants will receive a certificate upon course completion


Session 1
Oct. 16 (Sat.)
9 AM - 12 PM
Session 2
Oct. 30 (Sat.)
9 AM - 12 PM
Session 3
Nov. 13 (Sat.)
9 AM - 12 PM
Session 4
Nov. 27 (Sat.)
9 AM - 12 PM
Session 5
Dec. 11 (Sat.)
9 AM - 12 PM
Session 6
Dec. 25 (Sat.)
9 AM - 12 PM

Theme and Reading Materials

Overview of Strategy
Environment Analysis for Developing a Business Strategy
• Interactive Lecture: Strategy -2nd Edition-
Establishing a Competitive Advantage in Business Strategy
• Interactive Lecture: Strategy-2nd Edition-: Unit 2-1 –Unit 2-4
• Nitori and IKEA
Comprehensive Exercises: Corporate Strategy
• Interactive Lecture: Strategy-2nd Edition-
• Reorganization of the Japanese Steel Industry (1999–) (A)
• Reorganization of the Japanese Steel Industry (2015)
Overview of Marketing: Analysis and Planning
• Interactive Lecture: Marketing —2nd Edition—
• A Comeback for Fujifilm’s Cheki (A)
• A Comeback for Fujifilm’s Cheki (B)
Drafting Measures in Marketing Strategy (Marketing Mix)
• Interactive Lecture: Marketing —2nd Edition— : Unit 1–Unit 4
• Vermicular Ricepot: Riding a Dream (A)
• Vermicular Ricepot: Riding a Dream (B)
Comprehensive Exercises (case study analysis)
• Emirates Airline: Connecting the Unconnected
• Emirates Airline: Additional Exhibits

Extracurricular Activities

Apart from the 6 sessions (18 hours) of learning above, the course also includes extracurricular activities such as keynote speaker sessions, study sessions, seminars, and networking opportunities with our global network in Japan, Singapore, and beyond.

  • Executive Keynote Speaker Sessions 

To take practical learning to another level, GLOBIS Thailand has invited corporate executives based in Thailand who are experts in their related fields to sit down with our Pre-MBA participants in a roundtable setting. Gain firsthand knowledge and insights about global business practices and discuss a variety of business topics taking place in Thailand, Japan, or worldwide.

  • Study Sessions

Proper preparation and reflection are key to a successful learning journey at GLOBIS Thailand. Join study sessions with others professionals in Thailand and Japan to review what you have learned from the previous session, prepare for the next one, and share how you have been applying your takeaways at work.

  • Seminars

As part of the GLOBIS community, gain access to a number of workshops, panel discussions, and seminars both online and on-site held by GLOBIS University. Expose yourself  t0 a variety of topics covering the latest advances in AI, robotics, startups, and much more.

  • Networking Events

GLOBIS holds regular networking events to connect different course participants and campuses with each other. Tap into the extensive network Japan’s largest business school has to offer, obtain inspiration and connections from fellow professionals and lecturers,   and find new life-long friends on a global scale.