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Takashi Tsutsumi

Takashi Tsutsumi is a seasoned business professional with a diverse background across industries.

Takashi joined GLOBIS Corporate Training as an organizational development consultant. At GLOBIS, he designed and delivered numerous corporate training sessions centered around enhancing performance and productivity for client companies. After gaining his MBA from Ashridge Business School, he joined Eli Lilly Japan K.K. as a recruiter, overseeing HR-related operations and mid-career recruiting.

In 2016, Takashi returned to GLOBIS Corporation, where he went on to manage faculty development, content creation, and in-house research. Currently, he is the head of GLOBIS Asia Campus Pte. Ltd., where he is responsible for providing training and development programs to corporate clients in Southeast Asia.

PhD, Management Science, Graduate School of Management, Kyoto University
MBA, Ashridge Business School
BA, Economics, Kyoto University

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