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Kelvin Song Kelvin Song currently leads the marketing and data analysis team of the English MBA program at GLOBIS. As a faculty member, he teaches technology and

Toru Takahashi Mr. Takahashi serves as managing director of GLOBIS Global Education, providing leader training programs to corporate clients around the world. During

Tadahiro Wakasugi Tadahiro Wakasugi is a faculty member at GLOBIS University. He has significant expertise in leadership development and organizational psychology. Prev

Darren Menabney Darren Menabney brings his expertise to the private and public sectors, helping individuals and organizations create value by more effectively collabo

Takashi Tsutsumi Takashi Tsutsumi is a seasoned business professional with a diverse background across industries.

Takashi joined GLOBIS Corporate Train

Trond Varlid Trond Varlid has extensive international marketing and senior executive experience that spans from Europe to the U.S. and Asia. He is President and Co

Brian Cathcart Mr. Cathcart joined GLOBIS after a career in international affairs. Prior to GLOBIS, Mr. Cathcart was a Research Associate for the Japan Center for In

Tomoya Nakamura Mr. Tomoya Nakamura is in charge of the English MBA Programs at GLOBIS University (Japan) and conducts various global training programs for corporate

Tomoko Katsurayama Ms. Katsurayama has worked for a sporting-goods company and an online retail company, and was engaged in sales, strategy planning, merchandising, and

Sven Van Stichel Mr. Van Stichel is a seasoned marketing and sales professional with over 10 years of experience in the Asia-Pacific region. A certified digital market

Jake Pratley Jake Pratley currently oversees faculty and content development for the English MBA programs at GLOBIS University. In his decade-long experience in th