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About Us

About Us

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Welcome to GLOBIS Thailand located in the heart of Bangkok! Our roots lie in Japan where GLOBIS Corporation humbly started as a small classroom in 1992, led by Yoshito Hori, one of Japan’s leading entrepreneurs and venture capitalists. With our innovative approach to teaching business education we grew into Japan’s largest business school having taught over 6,000 MBA alumni and more than one million professionals through our corporate training programs offered nationwide and online.

Expanding Our Presence in Thailand

The GLOBIS presence in Thailand began with corporate education training programs in Bangkok in 2012. In 2018, GLOBIS University, boasting more than 30 Thai students and alumni entered into a business student exchange partnership with the prestigious Chulalongkorn Business School (CBS), Thailand’s top MBA program. After years of educating local business executives and professionals, we decided to expand our offering by delivering Pre-MBA courses in a hybrid format across Thailand. With the Pre-MBA, course participants will have even more opportunities to develop their business skills and gain access to an international network that stretches around the globe.

Our Services Offer Results

GLOBIS Thailand strives to provide services that can have tangible results for both the individual and corporation. Our Pre-MBA courses, training programs and digital learning platform focus on the practical, rather than the academic and are taught by professionals with years of experience in their fields. 

Founder’s Message

“We are very excited to expand our presence in Thailand with our Pre-MBA courses in Bangkok. Drawing from the same ideals and values that I had in mind when I started GLOBIS in Japan, our mission has always been to pave the way for change and innovation. We do this by connecting our three core pillars: people, capital, and knowledge. Maintaining these pillars is what we envisioned when he founded a venture capital firm, a publishing company, and, of course, our business school.

With an emphasis on practicality and entrepreneurship, we take pride in delivering cutting edge business education utilizing the latest cases and insights from industry expert lecturers.

And now we are very much looking forward to bringing this experience to the people in Thailand.”

Yoshito Hori

Founder and President of GLOBIS Corporation

President Graduate School of Management, GLOBIS University

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Twitter: @YoshitoHori (Japanese) @YoshiHoriGLOBIS (English)

LinkedIn: @YoshitoHori (English)